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 Welcome to the Official 
 Website of the 
 1973 Alumni Class of 
 Spring Woods High School 
Houston, TX 


Successful 50th Year Reunion
Saturday Sept. 8-10, 2023
Houston, TX

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DB:  I thought it was fantastic. Everything was so well organized & there was a big group! I enjoyed the casual atmosphere. I didn’t hear any complaints and everyone I saw was having a great time and enjoying themselves & seeing/connecting with old friends. 

RD:  Thanks for putting the reunion together!! Well done!!

DH:  The reunion was great.  Great venue, great food and really great people to reconnect with.

LL:  I loved the level of casualness and since I stayed mostly in the back room, I could hear, which I was thankful for. I cannot understand why music has to be so loud at functions and concerts!!!  I also enjoyed the brunch, and how intimate it was since so few attended. But it would have been great with more too. All in all, thanks for a really fun roundup!!

AL:  I had a great time yes it was loud and hard to carry on a lengthy conversation…..but well worth the good food and seeing a number of folks I remember and some I did not….Thank You Reunion Team for your hard work….

Thanks for the heads up on the covid. Have had it twice and it is just inconvenient…….will up my D3 and Zinc.


PB:  Congratulations and many thanks for the incredible job you did on this reunion!  I have some idea of the work it took.  Everybody had a great time!!

We received one Negative Complaint but will not publish those comments. (2 negatives out of several hundred attendees in the last 50 years, is not bad.)

Door Prize Gift Basket Sponsors

  • Two Margarita gift baskets

One red & white wine gift basket

One leather carrying case with wine gift

  • Margarita basket donated by Luxury Estates Development, Inc.

  • One Diva for a Day gift basket donated by Trisha Glover

  • Two Guadalajara gift certificates donated by the Torres family

  • One Warehouse 72 gift certificate for $250 donated by Andy and Linda Heller

  • One Spa basket donated by Linda & Andy

  • One Pappas $50 Gift certificate donated by Erica Rogers

  • One Texas Chili basket donated by Sarah Granbery,

  • Happy Gardening pots donated by Wendy Nimtz Bellow

  • One Coffee delight basket

  • One "Cheers" gift basket

Sponsor 3.jpg
Sponsor 2.jpg
Sponsor 1.jpg

Great "Casual Happy Hour Gathering"
Kirby Ice House
Sept. 8, 2023

Kirby 3.jpg
SWHS1973 Golf Event Cartoon.jpg
SWHS1973 Golf Event.jpg

Hot and Sweaty but FUN Golf Scramble

Saturday, Sept. 9, 2023

Memorial Park Golf Course.

(Not many photos, Golfers just concentrate on hitting the dimpled round things with a stick, not taking photos.  ha ha.)


 Saturday, Sept. 9, 2023 
  9:00 AM - 12 Noon 

$805 in cash donations raised to go towards The Woods Goods Student Food Pantry.
An Alumni stepped forward to equip the pantry with Stainless Steel Shelving and Tables to replace hodge podge of used book shelves that sagged under the weight of donated goods.
The Alumni offer was
 to help SWHS help others more efficiently.


The Woods Goods Shelving Donation

Click Here for Photo Album

 Saturday Main Event 


Successful Main Event
Sept. 9, 2023

Sunday Brunch  Sept. 10, 2023

The Rustic - Post Oak


Rustic Post Oak 1.jpg

 Where's Waldo Tiger? 

Check the list of those who are off our grid and Missing from our database. 
If your spot Your Name or someone your know, then we either have Zero, or out of date contact information and they are UNAWARE of or the Reunion and we have no way to notify them without expensive and time consuming investigation.

NOTE:, or the SWHS1973 Facebook page are NOT connected to our database unless those individuals also updated their information through our website.

If you see your name or someone you are in contact with, then please Update Your Contact information with us.
Click the photo to see the Off the Grid list.

SWHS Have You Seen Me.jpg
Tiger in Circle.jpg

Helping Hands
Volunteers helping to make a successful Reunion

Music:  Michael Harris
Decorations & Banners:  Sarah Granbery, Wendy Nimtz Bellow, Barbara Torres, Leah Blackwell Hamlin
Main Event:  Barbara Torres
Financials:  Rick Church, Barbara Torres, Michael Harris
Friday Happy Hour:  Sarah Granbery
Sunday Brunch:  Sarah Granbery
Saturday School Tour & Lunch Meetup:  Mitchell Wu

           " --- I love Chinese Food..."
Golf EventRichard Dean, Rob Peters

Website/Database/Email Blasts:  Mitchell Wu

           "--- Never volunteer for anything!"
Photo Documentation:  Mitchell Wu & anyone with a camera

Has your phone, email, or home address changed since the 2018 Reunion?  
If so, click the box below.

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